Functional Filaments 



What really matter is what you do... and we help you to do your best. Our filaments generate the most functional experience in 3D Printing as it's recognized their:

  • Ease of print
  • Functionality focus: Food Grade, Chemical Resistance, Safety grade, High  Thermal and Mechanical requirement.
  • Technical feasibility
  • High quality level

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Ultra Nylon

Carbon Fiber reinforced.
Improved adhesion. 
Improved warping behavior.
Imporved thermal resistance. 
Improved mechanical strength.
750g spool
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MyMat C4U

The Safety grade flexible filament for kids and human wellness applications. 330g spool.

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MyMat Foodie

The Food Grade flexible filament for food industries professionals, hostelry and foodies. 330g spool. 

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MyMat HiPro_PLA

Ease of processing of PLA with ABS properties, ready from the print. 330g spool.

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MyMat Kimi

The chemical resistance flexible filament for professional applications. 330g spool. 

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Soft Nylon

Main characteristics of Soft Nylon;
Improved adhesion and flexibility
Improved wear resistance
750g spool
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