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Ultra Nylon

Available delivery methods: Shipping to Eastern Europe, Shipping to Asia, Africa, America, Shipping to Spain, Shipping Western Europe
Adhesion: Mirror surface works well with lacquer application.
Temperatures: 235-250ºC hot end and 100ºC for bed are the ones we recommend. 
750g spool. Black color.
ATTENTION: Carbon fibre is abrasive it can accelerate brass nozzle wear. Therefore we  recommend to use nozzle’s from Stainless steel or hardened copper alloys.

With the introduction of carbon fiber into Ultra Nylon 3D printing filament’s makeup, it’s recommended for high-temp products requiring greater durability. Users can be assured of the following in their prints:

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Superior aesthetics

Its application fields cover from heavy-duty manufacturing by markets such as those that are highly industrial like automotive and aerospace–and even more specifically, for 3D printed components used in drones, but it coudl be used for any high-mechanical resistance application.

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